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Who, me? [userpic]

Practicing my thesis defense

November 16th, 2007 (12:55 pm)

Today I did my thesis presentation for my department at work. This was partly for practice before doing the defense on the 27th (tentatively), and partly because I wanted to show off. :-) It went pretty well; I got some good questions, and some good practice. Allyn (who used to teach at the CS department where I'm getting my master's) tried to come up with some adversarial questions for me to be ready for. (He asked them after the presentation, though, so as not to seem like an adversary himself.)

People were impressed that I'd done it from scratch, in about 9 months, while working full-time. Although, really, more people seemed interested when, before the meeting, they asked me about the Wiimote I had brought along to control the presentation. :-)


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Posted at: November 16th, 2007 07:37 pm (UTC)
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