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Tyranny: Proposed wiretap bill

March 14th, 2006 (01:18 pm)

current mood: angry

So, apparently, Sen. Michael DeWine (R-OH) is planning to introduce a bill to legalize George III's wiretaps, under some sort of limits. Now, first of all, this is obviously an idiotic idea. He broke the law that imposed the previous limits; why would anybody expect him to respect whatever new limits are put in place?

Much worse, though, is the fact that the bill is going to include a provision to jail anybody who discloses any information about the wiretaps, or any other wiretaps conducted under FISA.

This isn't just classified information, or information that poses a threat to national security. This is anything. And, as currently phrased, it might even include anybody that republishes such information—say, by quoting an article from the newspaper. (It depends on what "disclose" means.) It certainly includes anybody that attempts to keep the public informed about the Tyrant's abuses.


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: March 22nd, 2006 01:55 am (UTC)

Your opinion is unamerican. Only terrorists would oppose this bill.

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