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Puzzle for the kids

January 16th, 2006 (10:57 am)
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I mentioned a couple of months ago that I'd made a few jigsaw puzzles for the kids. Their birthday is coming up, and I decided to make another one, building on the mistakes made lessons learned. So yesterday I went to Michael's (craft store) and hunted for a suitable sort of board for the backing. I settled on foam board ($1 for 20"x30"), because I wanted something thick enough that pieces will stay together once it's assembled. Then I started thinking about what to keep the pieces in. On this one, I was spoiled for choice, because Michael's has an aisle full of boxes for craft projects. I headed for the wooden ones (unfinished), and wound up getting one with a rounded lid like a pirate chest ($1.50). Then, of course, I needed paint for it (can't use the gouache I use for scrolls—painting something for a 4-year-old with water-based paint is Not Recommended :-). Found Winsor & Newton's low-end acrylic line, and got some red and blue ($3 each), then spent, er, more time than it was worth picking out a cheap-but-decent brush ($3).

Karen serving ice cream for Arthur & Elizabeth So, last night, I was ready to get started. I found a suitable picture that Cynthia took recently, and printed it out (two copies, one for the "this is what it should look like" picture). I glued one down to the foamboard with a gluestick; the idea next was to cut it out with my X-Acto, but it was out in the garage, and it was cold out there, so I convinced myself the glue needed time to dry first. :-) So instead I settled down to paint the box.

Cleared the table, collected the essentials: Box. Brush. Paint. Palette. Newspaper. Cookies. Monty Python DVD. I decided to make it blue with red stripes where the brass would be on a real sea chest. The stripes didn't come out too straight (I may touch them up tonight), but the kids won't mind; and I managed to get it all done. I had thought that I'd have to leave one side unpainted, for the box to rest on; but it turned out I could open it up and let it rest on its inner surfaces while I painted the last of the outside.

Tonight I'll cut out the puzzle. Further Bulletins As Events Warrant.


Posted by: Pat Siobhan (patsmor)
Posted at: January 16th, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC)

You are amazingly clever. I am in awe. I never think of such things to make.

Posted by: Ursula Messerschmitt (snobahr)
Posted at: January 16th, 2006 05:54 pm (UTC)
Hey, we had those chairs!
Silly Me

And if that's the table that goes with those chairs, that's a damned fine table :) It's survived 3 earthquakes, multiple room-floodings and a variety of roommates, computers and cats. Right now, that table is in storage.

The chairs were not as well-made as the table, and the last chair died after 13 years. The others averaged 8 years.

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