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Who, me? [userpic]

Medical advice from a 3-year-old

April 29th, 2005 (03:48 pm)
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Wednesday night I had a test to see if I had sleep apnea (yes, I do--no surprise) and whether CPAP would help (it did). As I was getting ready to go, I explained to the kids that I was going to go to a doctor because I didn't sleep very well at night.

Arthur immediately suggested, "Daddy, maybe you have too many crumbs in your bed, and you need to sweep them off."

I was amazed. I had mentioned once, months ago, that I didn't want him eating crackers in my bed, because the crumbs would be uncomfortable to sleep on at night. He remembered that, and offered it up as a solution. Very geeky of him. :-)

(I thanked him, and said it was a good idea, even though that wasn't the problem.)


Posted by: Pamela Dritt (pamelina)
Posted at: May 1st, 2005 02:41 pm (UTC)

I think your twins are extra intelligent. Congratulations.

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