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Who, me? [userpic]


April 24th, 2005 (08:02 pm)
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So today I saw some kid with a shirt that said "Billabong" in superheroic letters on the back, and had some sort of flame logo on the front and sleeves. I thought it was a reference to some obscure superhero, and wondered why a superhero would be named "stream that dries up for most of the year". How about Creekbed and Pond, the Wet Wonder?

But then I googled a bit, and found the truth was even stranger: Billabong is some sort of surfing-related company (products, camps, competitions).

Oh, yeah, that makes perfect sense: name your surfing company after a water feature where you can't surf! What was their second choice--"Millpond"?


Posted by: Pat Siobhan (patsmor)
Posted at: April 25th, 2005 02:08 pm (UTC)
In most people's heads:
to the point

Billabong = Australia

Australia = The Big Waves


Billabong = Great Surfing

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