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Bush and mercury poisoning

March 1st, 2005 (12:24 pm)

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So Bush has been pushing his "Clear Skies Initiative", which aims to, well, clear the way for more pollution in our skies. He wants to take the limits on mercury emissions for power plants and multiply them by 5. He's been claiming that mercury in the air just isn't that harmful.

So now a study has been released saying that brain damage due to children breathing in mercury compounds costs the US $8.7 billion per year. 600,000 babies suffer prenatal brain damage every year, due to mercury. 70% of that mercury is from human sources; half of that is from power plants. So Bush's plan would increase the mercury in the air by 140%. Hard to say whether the incidence of brain damage would go up by more or less than 140%, but you can be sure it won't go down.


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